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Shinelife ~ Amazing Grace Necklace

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This piece has my heart all over it. The depth of meaning is woven into my life, my business, my relationships, my everyday when I have a hard time holding the tears in. 

If you’ve read the SHINElife story, you’ll know that I lost my sweet mama not too long ago to early onset dementia. The gripping pain of this event has given me plenty of reasons to live life in anger and bitterness. But with that loss and the years of grieving and healing that has followed, God has given me plenty of reasons to keep going ~  plenty of reminders of His hope, His grace, His security when my world was rocked.

The bright white sparkle of our Amazing Grace necklace was created to remind you {and me} that our agony, our shame, our hopelessness, our darkness, is all washed white as snow by God’s grace ~ Jesus’ blood. Our blindness, our ashes, our want, are all met and overcome with absolute beauty.

The morning my mom passed away, it began snowing {an extremely rare occasion for our then-home, Wilmington, NC}. As I made my way to Hospice to meet the inevitable, the first snowflakes hit my windshield and Chris Tomlin’s Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) began playing on the radio. It was God, speaking to me, meeting me at the lowest place I could imagine, and gently lifting my head, showing me that my mom’s chains were gone and He was holding her in His everlasting arms. That she was set free, made new, and forever His. When I arrived to Hospice just a few moments later, that song still in my heart, she had entered her forever home. What a beautiful, caring God we have to love and comfort us as we walk into - and through - these unthinkable moments.

God saves, He restores, He creates new life from brokenness. Please believe these words, friend. I pray that this piece will serve as a reminder of His goodness and His power to save in your most difficult seasons of life, and in your everyday. xoxo Hilary

Sparkling white genuine druzy and sterling silver bar measures 21mm x 6mm x 4mm and includes a sterling silver 16-18" adjustable chain.